Wednesday, February 06, 2008

it has been brought to my attention

that i haven't posted a blog here for almost a year. i sincerely doubt that i've disappointed many readers, because of the 3 of you, only 1 pointed out i have been very absent here...

it took me a few attempts to even sign in after my 11-month sabbatical. they wanted a user name that was actually a google account. i kept thinking--what in the sweet hell do you want from me, blogger? then i remembered having to create a gmail e-mail account more than a year ago. stop testing me, machine, i can't handle more user names, passwords, hints and secret questions. get out of my brain already!

perhaps i am just a big complainer, but i dislike having usernames (mostly "case sensitive") for airlines, on-line banking, health insurance, utilities, cell phones, work, hotmail, yahoo, gmail, blogging, kodak/snapfish, myspace, friendster, barnes and noble, the LIBRARY, ebay, yelp, orbitz, and any other on-line service that could potentially make your life easier... first they like to remove your brain, and rake it over hot coals. when you fail at your "case sensitive" log-in, they'll send you your info to your e-mail, but it is a cruel joke. it usually takes like an hour to get your gawddang username sent from alaska airlines, and by the time you figure out what it is, the freaking airfare has increased!

but i digress.


i have not been 'round these parts for a very long time. i now have a smaller rack that i smile at every day. that's right, i smile at my chest. i will probably have a "revision" in the next 2 months to remove these little "dog ears" that pooch out under my armpits. it's routine. i would really hate seeing the same surgeon again, because he's pretty much a douche bag, but hey, insurance is footing the bill and i'll probably go home with pain pills.

all else is dandy. the gf, the cat, the apartment, work, the chimp mobile... it's all fine. and you?


Blogger Treena Joi said...

Hey - You have 4 readers now - I found you through the common interest links - try ocean swimming and you'll find mine ... I have a picture of an australian sea lion as my profile pic - your blog is funny


1:39 PM  

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