Monday, November 13, 2006

~i am such a liar!~

i am not 5'4.

i'm 5'3.

i had a doctor's appointment last week, and politely requested that i be measured. you'd think i had asked to do a keg-stand in the waiting area, whilst naked, after having eaten a tray of bran muffins washed down with a gallon of prune juice.

i had to explain that i hadn't been measured since i was 17, and wanted (HAD) to know exactly how shrimpy i was.

the good news: i am not really shrinking.

the bad news: i am fucking short.

the rest of the good news: i can fit in small spaces (i.e. "coach" airline seats, the over-head bins on an amtrack train, a child-size bed, and ford festivas) with little-to-no problems.


Blogger montag said...

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2:49 AM  
Blogger montag said...

thank you for the continued good writing.

you create enchantment with a deceptively easy effort.

2:51 AM  

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